GRE is a standardized test that measures verbal, mathematical and analytical skills. It is intended to help the graduate schools (of all fields other than business) assess the potential of applicants for advanced study. Nearly 2300 universities in the US require GRE scores from each applicant. The GRE Tests the fundamental skills - Reasoning and Comprehension included – and does not require any subject specific theoretical study (This is true only for the General GRE Test, and not the GRE Subject, which is required by certain Universities). The GRE is only one of several par aments which the graduate schools look at to determine the selection of an applicant. A high score alone does not translate into an admission offer from a great school. But the test can be looked upon as the first major hurdle to be cleared in the process of getting admission into a Graduate School of student’s choice.
The verbal, quantitative and analytical writing sections have separate significance for admission to different disciplines. BAEC has managed separate faculty for these sections of the GRE. They can prepare either one or other or all three sections with different competent faculties. GRE is a six-week course two hours a day Sunday through Friday. BAEC monitors the students’ progress and also helps them to register and do better in GRE.

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