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Sunday Tests

As with other test preparation courses, we provide GMAT® mock tests for our students three times during the course on Sundays. These practice tests are very similar to the actual tests and play a vital role in improving students’ scores on the actual tests.


  • Ample additional handouts
  • Complimentary course materials
  • CDs for home practice
  • Techniques that help students learn better and faster
  • Well-trained instructors.

Facts about GMAT®

  • Score ranges from 200 to 800 (Verbal & Quantitative)
  • One essay
  • Candidates receive scores after 20 days
  • The score is valid for 5 years from the date of the test
  • The test takes up to 4 hours
  • The test requires only basic computer skills
  • Registration Fee is $250. The test is open throughout the year.

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is used by many graduate schools of business and management as a criterion when considering applications for admission to the school’s graduate programmes.

The GMAT measures verbal, mathematical, analytical writing and reasoning skills of students. The GMAT is a four-hour computer-adaptive test. Your performance on previous questions determines which question you’ll be asked next. Questions that appear early in the exam impact your score more than those appearing at the end of the exam.

Analytical Writing

The Analytical Writing Section has one essay which asks students to “analyse and critique the argument.”

 Verbal Section

The Verbal Section consists of sentence correction questions, reading comprehension, and critical reasoning exercises.

Quantitative Section
The Quantitative Section tests high-school level math. The students are required to be familiar with arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis.
Test Format and Length
 Test Section  No. of Questions  Time
 Analytical Writing Assessment
Analysis of an argument 1 Topic 30 mins
Optional Rest Break 10 mins
Quantitative Section 37 75 mins
Problem Solving
Data Sufficiency    
Optional Rest Break 10 mins
Integrated Reasoning 12 30mins
Multi-source reasoning  
Graphics representation  
Two-two part analysis  
Table Analysis  
 Optional Rest Break 10 mins
Verbal Sections 41 75 mins
Reading Comprehension  
Critical Reasoning  
Sentence Correction  

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