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Course Duration

●       6 weeks (1.5 hour a day)

●       Monday to Friday

●       Mock Tests on Sundays

BAEC also offers Occupational English Test (OET) classes for doctors and nurses. Classes are scheduled in the morning, afternoon and evening sessions to accommodate the schedules of busy health care professionals.

BAEC OET Preparation Course offers:

Access to the latest online and offline learning materials
Weekly mock tests (all 4 sub-sections)
Letter writing corrections with in depth analysis and feedback
Regular communication with your instructor

Please note: For In-person Course, we follow the guidelines of the Government of Nepal and World Health Organization (WHO) for maintaining social distancing and protecting students and staff of BAEC from Covid-19 pandemic, inside the classroom and the premises.

BAEC offers 3 OET Preparation Course options:

OET Online OET Hybrid OET In-person

Online courses and classes have become incredibly popular around the world at present. They have grown from one or two classes at a few institutions to entire courses and degree programs at institutes, colleges and universities worldwide.

Keeping up with the trend, BAEC has designed a comprehensive OET Online preparation course that has made it safer and easier for the Nepalese medical professionals to prepare for OET.

Key benefits of OET Online Course

●       Study from anywhere

●       Safest learning method

●       Flexible learning schedule

●       Easy access to huge learning materials online

OET Hybrid Course aims to take the best aspects of online learning and combine them with the best aspects of traditional classes for an all-inclusive learning experience. The course is conducted 50 % of the time online and the remaining 50% of time in a  classroom with an instructor. 

Key benefits of OET Hybrid Course

●       Have benefits of both online and offline courses.

●       More flexible than traditional classes.

●       Face-to fact time is spend more effectively

●       Multiple learning styles

●       Easy access to huge learning materials

OET In-person Course (Face-to-face with your teacher in a classroom) helps to know students and instructors personally during the course that makes the teaching and learning more effective. There are numerous class activities you can participate in a group that can motivate you to do better in your course.

Key benefits of OET In-person Course at BAEC

●       Student and instructor engagement for effective communication

●       In depth discussions and explanations in person

●       Ample handouts

●       Face-to face time is spend more effectively

●       Become a part of a team

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